A leading company since 1977

After gaining twenty years’ of experience working in Italian companies and in particular in the German company “Gildemaister” he decided to begin his “adventure” as an entrepreneur by purchasing a small traditional milling machine…

Metalwork and metal machining

Officine Zorzo srl constantly innovates and invests in new technologies so that it can always be competitive and at the cutting-edge in both national and international markets.

Quality customer services

Officine Zorzo srl has always sought new technologies and solutions to enhance product quality, and meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers.

Officine Zorzo

Officine Zorzo srl carries out mechanical precision machining and construction, both on a small and large scale, thanks to machine tools that can work on pieces, for milling, with lenghths up to 20 mt and heights up to 7 mt, and Ø 2,8 mt for turning.


Via Maestri del Lavoro, 9
35010 Villa del Conte (PD)


Tel: +39 049 93 25 069