A Leading Company since 1977

The History of Officine Zorzo

Officine Zorzo srl was established in 1977 thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of its founder Severino Zorzo. After gaining twenty years’ of experience working in Italian companies and in particular in the German company “Gildemaister” he decided to begin his “adventure” as an entrepreneur by purchasing a small traditional milling machine.

In 1982, following an increase in production and with the management support of his sons, he decided to build a larger factory in the industrial area of Villa del Conte. In 1992 business further expanded and mechanical machining was accompanied by metalwork, more specifically the construction of medium to large metal structures, as well as the supply of bulkheads, safety guards and covers.

In 2009 the construction of the current building began, again in Villa del Conte. On a single site of 7,000 square metres mechanical machining and construction were united.

In 2017 the Management of the company has started a new expansion project. We building more of 4500 square metres and that will give Officine Zorzo the opportunity to further increase the company’s logistics and manufacturing capacity.

Corporate mission and philosophy

Since its establishment, Officine Zorzo srl has always sought new technologies and solutions that are at the forefront of mechanical construction and machining to enhance product quality, reduce costs and meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers.

Officine Zorzo produzione

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 – CERT. N° 12139-792Q
UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 – CERT. N° 1430-14220A
Mechanical machining and light and heavy metalwork for third parties.

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